Wednesday, July 18, 2018
BHA Emergency Imformation

The Biloxi Housing Authority wishes to keep its residents informed with the latest procedures concerning their home when a hurricane is threatening our area.  You must remember that you are responsible for protecting your loved ones and valuables and should take steps to secure their safety. In case a hurricane strike is eminent, you should be prepared to evacuate to the nearest shelter or out of the area if you have determined another destination best suits your family needs and leave with enough time to reach it without getting caught in last minute traffic jams of evacuees heading out of town.  If the City of Biloxi has a mandatory evacuation order issued, you will be required to leave your home and seek shelter. No one will be allowed to stay in their home during a hurricane if this is the case.  Any residents living in areas known to flood will be informed by the BHA staff of the need to evacuate even if no mandatory order has been given by city officials.

When you evacuate be sure to:

  • Secure your windows and doors
  • Empty your refrigerator of all perishable items
  • Shut off your power, gas and water
  • Place all loose items on the exterior of the house (flower pots, lawn furniture, etc.) inside where they will not become air born missiles causing damage to property and others
  • Fill your bath tub and sinks with water, you may need it when you return if there is a shortage or the supply becomes contaminated
  • Post a note inside telling others when you left and where you are going. Include a cell phone number if you have one
  • Make arrangements for your pets or take them with you. Do Not leave them alone in your house if you evacuate
  • Listen to the radio to keep informed on the evacuation routes condition for possible alternative routes or contra flow announcements

When you return:

  • Inspect your unit and make a list of the damages. If any are life threatening immediately call the Biloxi Housing Authority Emergency Line at  (228) 436-6006 (please note this line will only be operational should our area receive a direct hit from a hurricane)
  • If you require Police or Fire Department response, Dial 911 if possible. The housing authority cannot respond to situations that need their assistance. 
  • Report the damages and give your name, address and phone number if possible. If you do not receive an answer you can expect a BHA First Responder to show up at your unit unannounced to perform an agency Damage Assessment and you can pass the information on to them. This will be a great help to our recovery team and help expedite the inspections.
  • Please be patient while our inspectors assess all sites. We will prioritize all damages and some non-life threatening ones may remain that way for a while. The first goal is to restore utility services, remove debris from the streets and take care of the life threatening hazards that may occur.

Our Emergency Operations Center will be set up at the Suncoast Villa Development in the Computer Learning Center following the storm should our main office at 330 Benachi Avenue be severely damaged.