Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Biloxi Evacuation Zones & Routes Search

Biloxi Evacuation Zones and Routes

North Bound Routes:

  • The 110 to Interstate 10 (for north, east or west bound access)
  • Hwy 67 (north route for access to Hwy 49)
  • Old Hwy 67 ( intersects with new Hwy 67)
  • Hwy 15 ( to Wiggins, MS and Hwy 49)
  • Hwy 605 (to Hwy 67 and Hwy 49 at Saucier, MS)
  • Hwy 49 (I-10 west to Gulfport, MS not shown on map)
  • Interstate 65 ( I-10 east to Mobile, AL not shown on map)
  • Popp’s Ferry Road (north to Cedar Lake and I-10)

East and West Bound Routes:

  • Interstate 10 (east to Mobile, west to New Orleans)
  • Hwy 90 (east to Alabama, west to Louisiana)
  • Pass Road (east to Keesler AFB Gate 7,  west to Gulfport CB Base)

Additional Information:

Interstate 10 east and west will give you access to other north bound routes not shown on this map.  You should review a detailed map of these and become familiar with your Mississippi Highways to better prepare in case you need to evacuate.
Map Source: City of Biloxi