Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Disaster Assistance & Storm Information

With hurricane season beginning in June and continuing through November it is important that you are aware of the necessary items that you need to keep on hand should a storm strike the area. Your family needs a plan of action so we recommend that you have a Disaster Plan and Disaster Supply Kit to avoid last minute preparations. We are providing you with links to important websites that you should review in the event of an oncoming storm. Please use them as a reference for all important information you will need during that time. Residents of The Biloxi Housing Authority should review the BHA Emergency Information page prior to any hurricane or severe storm making landfall. And at all costs, know your Evacuation Routes.


  The American Red Cross – Disaster Assistance, emergency contact numbers and a list of hurricane shelters in the Biloxi, Mississippi area 
  The Federal Emergency Management Agency website has important information concerning disaster housing assistance following a storm
  National Hurricane Center/NOAA – Information on tropical updates, storm tracking, flooding and weather maps keeping you informed in real time
  The Weather Channel – The Hurricane Authority for up to the minute coverage of an approaching storm. This site contains maps, tracking and much more
  W.L.O.X. TV – The 24/7 local news channel for hurricane coverage always informative with evacuation notices, updates/tracking and local emergency info